Fun for everyone

Sleepy Owl Software is an independent video game development studio based out of Indiana.

Growing up amongst cows and corn, games were a huge part of our childhood. We played good games and we played bad games, but through it all we believed that the best games are made by developers who love playing them.

We seek to create games that not only we will enjoy, but are fun for everyone.


Text Quest is a first person text-based adventure where every object is made of the words representing it.

Grass is the word grass, trees are the word tree, and giant spiders... well you get the idea.

The game plays with and updates mechanics found in classic text adventures like Zork and King's Quest. Players can interact with objects through a text parser, allowing for deeper exploration of the world.

Or you can just insult everything.

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The Team

Chris Ingerson

Lead Developer

Chris has been playing games for as long as he could hold a controller.

A mechanics designer at heart, Chris is also a programmer and 3D artist familiar with everything from Unity and Unreal to Maya and Substance Designer.

Chris is currently the sole member of Team Advent, the development team working on Text Quest.